4 Recommendations for Samsung Level Series Headsets and Earphones

Besides smartphones, Samsung also has 4 new smartphone accessories in the form of headsets and Samsung Level Series earphones.
4 Recommendations for Samsung Level Series Headsets and Earphones

Choose a Samsung Level headset and earphones to suit your lifestyle. Explore the styles and features of each below to find out which is right for you.

Samsung Level U Pro ANC
4 Recommendations for Samsung Level Series Headsets and Earphones

It is a lightweight Bluetooth wireless headset with a circular design around the neck (around-the-neck). This headset is perfect for professionals, field workers, and workers who travel a considerable distance to their workplaces.

Equipped with UHQ-BT features codec support and two-way speakers provide richer and more balanced audio across the audio spectrum. Voice call clarity is activated by two microphones and Noise Reduction (NR) and Echo Cancellation (EC). The Samsung Level U Pro ANC model offers noise cancellation functions to enhance the sound listening experience. This headset also provides Talk-In Mode for users to monitor external sound.

Ergonomic design, around-the-neck, making it convenient for listening to music and calls can be accessed at any time. Made of ultra-soft material on the ears and splash-resistant makes it ideal for active listeners who enjoy music for a long time while magnetic clasp control ear tips keep your headset tangle-free when not in use.

Features are available for receiving calls and navigating music intuitively with the mini speaker and reminding of notifications via vibration. Share music through sound with the Me feature or synchronize your headset with several devices with Multi-point Connectivity.

Samsung Active Level
4 Recommendations for Samsung Level Series Headsets and Earphones

Is there a type of Bluetooth sports headset with a control button designed specifically for sports or outdoor activities. This headset is a go-to level model for fitness enthusiasts, running lovers, and adventurous seekers.

Using In-ear ear tips are ideal for outdoor use, and provide comfort in exceptional noise. Includes soft wingtips and flexible silicone ear hooks that provide the right security.

Mounted on P2i nano-coating ears, the earbuds from Level Active hold splashes so you don't have to worry about having to slow down movement.

Get important information from devices that have been connected via voice signals by pressing Active Key. Listen to notifications such as when you walk and also distance through S-Health, and make it easy to check timers and hours.

Samsung Level In ANC
4 Recommendations for Samsung Level Series Headsets and Earphones

This one earphone can minimize ambient noise by up to 90 percent (20dB) so you stay connected to the music you like. It is suitable for young professionals and workers who travel a considerable distance to their workplaces will enjoy deep audio and the unique features that this headset offers.

Thanks to superior active noise cancellation technology so it can block external sound when you are in a noisy environment.

Available Talk-In Mode allows you to keep absorbing your favorite music to the fullest while maintaining your ear to the surrounding environment.

This earphone has a dynamic channel type made from metal and sleek metal layers, three remote control buttons, the headset looks as good as it sounds. In addition, the compact ANC controller makes it easy to switch to the Talk-In, ANC and Off mode features.

Samsung Level On Wireless Pro
4 Recommendations for Samsung Level Series Headsets and Earphones

A headset that is right for music lovers who want exceptional audio quality with a stylish design. It has an ergonomic and comfortable shape with enchanting colors which means you can enjoy great sound while you exercise. This headset can also be folded making the headset easy to carry.

With Ultra High Quality (UHQ) sound support it is possible to get a deep audio experience. Equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC) 4-mic and advanced dual-layered diaphragm speaker, Level On Wireless Pro will trick your ears into thinking you are in a studio or concert room. Some microphones help to provide accurate sound by removing sound during voice calls.

There is also a simple touch control that allows you to easily change tracks and answer calls without needing to reach a paired device via Bluetooth. Sounds with the Me feature allow you to switch to your favorite songs at the same time as friends, while Talk-In Mode allows you to listen to music and sounds around them simultaneously. And, with up to 10 hours of use (wireless, ANC on), you can focus more on music and not worry about when to charge the battery.

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