After Leaving, HTC will return to the Indian market

After Leaving, HTC will return to the Indian market
HTC is reportedly going to re-enter the Indian market after leaving the country. The company left India last year after a number of senior officials resigned.

Reporting from GSM Arena, Saturday (3/8/2019), according to a number of sources, HTC will announce several new smartphones for the Indian market this month. The Taiwanese company uses INONE Technology's distribution network services.

HTC is also said to be launching a new flagship series in the near future. The smartphone is reported to have several unique features.

Nevertheless, so far there has been no confirmation from HTC about plans to return to the Indian market. Bollywood Country itself is one of the largest smartphone markets in the world.

When news of HTC's departure last year, the company reportedly struggled to deal with the smartphone market competition in the premium segment. In the global market alone, HTC is losing competitiveness from Samsung, Apple, and a number of Chinese vendors such as Huawei and Xiaomi.

Furthermore, Gartner Research released a report on global smartphone sales trends. Based on these data, smartphone shipments are predicted to drop 2.5 percent this year compared to 2018.

Reporting from GSM Arena, Gartner estimates smartphone sales will drop from 1.55 billion in 2018 to 1.51 billion by the end of this year. This decline in sales occurred in most regions, including Eastern Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, and Japan.

Smartphone sales in Eastern Europe, for example, are predicted to fall from 47 million to 45 million. Smartphone sales in Japan are also expected to experience a significant decline from 33.9 million to 31.7 million.

"In a mature market, especially the high-end smartphone market, there is excess supply and commodity with higher average selling prices. In addition, there is no utility for new experiences for users to upgrade," Gartner said in his report.

Smartphone sales are predicted to rise again in 2020. Gartner estimates that global smartphone sales will grow to 1,560,853 next year. This growth will be driven by the availability of networks and 5G phones.

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