Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Best Budget Gaming Headset 2019 (Low Price) - Headsets, Earphone, Headphones are one of the important needs in supporting our needs, especially if you are a Gamers. Of course, in the selection of headsets, we must carefully choose good and quality. Besides that, if you take into account the budget, of course, do not let the wrong choice. Therefore this time, Mobitureblog recommends some of the cheapest 2019 gaming headsets.
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

With so many brands that exist today it might make you even more confused, but again choose the one that suits your style and your needs.

Best Budget Gaming Headset 2019 (Low Price)

1. Rexus Vonix F19
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Talking about a million people's headsets in the universe of coloring. Maybe there is one name that is already familiar in the ears of Cybernet Rexus Vonix F19, well after knowing and not knowing, cyberneticists know the name.

But believe me, for gamers who love this headset in addition to affordable certainly the material used is also good. Like, earpad foam that is not easily deflated, hard ABS plastic, steel plate on the headband, to the thick layer of cable that is not easily broken and also the headset is very light.

Equipped with a 50 mm driver which of course produces a sound that is so clear, the microphone is equipped with a flexible stick microphone which is certainly in terms of the conversion of sound in this headset, of course, minimal noise.

2. Rexus Vonix F22
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

This one headset besides cheap, it turns out also sold well on the market. By using the LED display, which increasingly adorns the colors in the headset and seems expensive. Although the original headset looks cheap it's not cheap.

By using ABC plastic material in each body, where this plastic is certainly hardiness and durable. The headband that he uses also uses a soft rubber that is so elastic and doesn't break easily even if it is bent to extremes, this headset will return to normal.

With this 40mm diameter speaker, of course, the sound produced from the surround can capture frequencies around 20-20,000 Hz and a microphone-equipped with an omnidirectional microphone, of course, this mic can capture very clear sounds even in crowded places.

3. Rexus F55
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

From step by step, from price to price, this brand certainly doesn't need to be doubted. The price is relatively affordable and the sound quality it produces is not cheap.

With a smooth curve on the headband, then the earcup is coated with faux leather so that the headset feels luxurious and looks confident. Although, in fact, this headset is relatively inexpensive.

The size of the speaker headset is quite large, around 40 mm which is equipped with a sensitivity of 105dB and 32ohm impedance. Of course, the sound it produces reaches a frequency of 30 to 16,000 Hz. For microphones, of course, they are not easily broken and are a very elastic plus, flexible. Of course, the range of sound it produces is minimalist and noisy.

4. Rexus Thundervox HX10
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

This brand really makes you all fall in love. Why, because in addition to the relatively affordable price in all circles, of course, the quality of the gaming headset for the price of 200 thousand is also enough to make an expensive gaming headset to its knees.

The design that is carried also looks modern and ergonomic. Of course, this headset is also comfortable to use for a long period. With a USB roll cable which is about two meters long and thick plus very strong.

The sound does not need to doubt, of course. This headset, carrying the bass effect where the sound it produces will be like watching a movie outside. Of course, this headset is equipped with vibrate mode that makes playing or doing other multimedia activities feel fun.

5. Sades SA-901
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Discussing cheap and quality gaming headsets, you definitely won't miss the Sades SA-901. This headset can be connected to a PC using USB, so this headset is not designed for use on smartphones. Also, this headset uses a 40 mm HiFi driver and 7.1 surround-sound technology that produces detailed and precise sound.

6. Sades SA-711
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Sades is a vendor that consistently produces high-quality low-cost gaming headsets. An example is the Sades SA-711 which is a headset with a 40 mm driver that offers stereo sound. Sades SA-711 is capable of operating in the frequency range of 20 Hz - 20 kHz.

The material used on this headset is also quite lightweight and comfortable. Also, many users of this headset claim that the Sades SA-711 is a durable and durable headset.

7. Sades SA-708
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

This headset is also no less behind in terms of price and quality. Of course, with designs that are not counted cheap, with multi-functional usability can be on any platform.

With a design that looks more modern, like most gaming headsets on the market today. Although it looks simple, this headset also looks elegant, with a driver with a diameter of 40 mm which is certainly quite large in every use.

For the sound quality of this headset is certainly so qualified, to be able to capture frequencies around 20Hz to 20K Hz. The mic section is also counted as sensitive and minimal noise even though.

8. Sades Locust 704
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

One cheap gaming headset with a modern design and looks fierce. Especially with the blue color that will increasingly strengthen the existence of the headset as a gaming headset that seems luxurious and looks expensive. Though the original headset is relatively affordable.

By using strong plastic material and silicone that is soft and durable in every earcup and headband. Of course, the most comfortable is the cavity in the earcup that is so soft and cool even though it's been used for a long time.

Equipped with 7.1 surround feature which is the spearhead in terms of sound, with sound response up to 20 Hz - 20K Hz and elastic and flexible microphone, with the sensitivity that covers up to -54.3 dB.

9. Sades Locust Plus RGB
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Cheap gaming headset 500 thousand is so qualified in terms of sound. Of course, with the RGB LED that adorns this headset which increasingly feels so luxurious and seems expensive in the eyes of people who see it.

Of course, with a foam earcup that is so soft, an iron headband that is not easily broken and the weight of this headset is light enough. With its minimalist design that looks elegant, especially when viewed from the side of the earcup it has its own luxurious impression.

The sound that is supported by a 7.1 surround feature that can capture the sound frequency reaches 20 to 20K Hz, which is certainly very good and clear.

For the microphone, the sensitivity in capturing sound is reaching -40dB + 3dB, of course, the results inscribed by the mic are very minimal by noise. The resulting frequency is also no less good that is, reaching 50 to 10K Hz.

10. Logitech G231 Prodigy
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Famous brands that do not need to be denied anymore in terms of the quality of the peripherals it produces. Of course, it is indeed counted very well even though it is in terms of the mouse, keyboard, monitor to audio in particular that is the headset.

With its design that looks elegant and futuristic, with its earcup that can be rotated up to 90 degrees. Although this headset looks thick and heavy, of course, this headset apparently only weighs up to 283 grams.

By carrying a 40 mm Neodymium driver which is almost the same as its predecessor series. Of course, frequencies reach 20 to 20K Hz with a sensitivity reaching 90 dB and impedance reaching 32 ohms. This headset apparently, can also be used on any platform.

11. Digital Alliance Titan Plus
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Maybe some of you already know this one brand. Of course, from a variety of prestigious e-sports brand, this event is quite prominent in every game. Certainly, in the usrusan peripherals, especially audio, this headset also has its own best quality.

With a logo design on each side that enriches every design, a sturdy and elastic-plastic material that is certainly resilient. The headband is very elastic so it can be used even in the size of a large head and the earcup diameter is quite large reaching 40 mm.

Supported features are already using 7.1 surround which is certainly very good in terms of sound quality and can capture frequencies up to 20Hz - 20K Hz. Of course, for the affairs of the microphone itself is very elegant and has a sensitivity level of -38db ± 3db, which is certainly minimal noise.

12. Digital Alliance Titan X
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

One of the famous products with quality that is very calculated. Especially in taking high-quality audio peripherals. Of course, this headset besides having a sound that is so quality, of course, the price of this headset is relatively affordable.

With a design that is so macho and luxurious, of course, with the use of RGB LEDs that seem expensive. With more flexible and elastic material especially in the headband that is equipped with OMNI Directional. The earcup itself uses the Protein Leather Pad, which is very comfortable and soft.

For its features, of course, it has been supported by surround 7.1 which is certainly clear and very detailed in terms of voice conversion. With a 50 mm driver that can cover frequencies up to 20Hz - 20kHz. Of course, in matters of the microphone itself is very flexible and not noisy when communicating.

13. dbE GM100
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Economical and affordable price, that's what is offered in this cheap gaming headset brand. With a design that is not too excessive and simple but not cheap of course. Certainly, in terms of sound quality, it doesn't need to be discussed anymore.

Of course, in terms of the material used it is not so worth it, even though it uses plastic material, but the plastic here is very strong and not easily damaged, especially in rough use.

With the volume settings located behind it which makes it more flexible. By using a 40 mm driver which of course in terms of quality is certainly quite good, at a relatively affordable price.

14. dbE GM200
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

In addition to cheap, of course, the cheap gaming headset priced at 200 thousand is also fierce in terms of the sound quality it produces. With a design that is so simple and not too excessive, it even looks sturdy and strong.

For matters of material used, too, almost the same as the previous series with a plastic material that is stronger and certainly very elastic. Of course, the initial impression in the use of this headset, the most prominent is in terms of sound.

Equipped with 7.1 surround features which of course in running any media feels more real and detailed. The resulting response reaches frequencies from 20 Hz to 20K Hz, with microphone sensitivity reaching 112 dB. Of course, the noise will be muted with the headset.

15. Warwolf R3
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

A relatively inexpensive brand with a fierce and stylish design, of course. With the quality of voice conversion that is very capable of running on any media platform that you want to run.

With a design that is equipped with LEDs that enrich every design. Of course, with strong plastic material and iron in each earcup that turns out in the making of this material, it turns out the weight is not too heavy.

With a diameter of up to 40 mm equipped with a 3.5mm Stereo USB. Of course, it can be used on every other platform. For the scope of the response itself reaches 20 Hz to 20K Hz with mic sensitivity reaching -58dB.

16. Warwolf R4
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Warwolf R4 comes with a very cool design. This design shows that the Warwolf R4 deserves to be dubbed as a quality gaming headset. Unmitigated, this headset presents a magnetic 40 mm speaker that presents clear treble sound and transparent bass.

The microphone that complements this device makes it easy for us to communicate with sound when playing games. Warwolf R4 increasingly cool the LED lights. This headset is compatible with PCs, smartphones and game consoles.

17. Fantech HG11 CAPTAIN
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Affordable gaming with commensurate quality. Of course, with a design that looks more sturdy and over-ear with the right composition and not too excessive. Certainly, the sound quality is also no less good with other premium gaming headsets.

With plastic material that is equipped with fiber in the headband which of course in each earcup has a soft foam and covered by fiber cloth that is comfortable to use even in a long time.

Certainly, the supported features already have 7.1 surround which of course the sound quality it produces also looks clearer. RGB LEDs that support each use are luxurious. With a sound frequency that reaches 20 Hz-20K Hz which is equipped with a 50 mm driver unit.

18. Kotion Each G9000
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Cheap and cheap that's what is in every discussion this time. Of course, in this discussion, always helps consumers who really need a gaming headset but at a relatively cheap price with sound quality that is not cheap.

The headset that came out in 2016 is still much sought after by consumers. Although, this headset uses plastic material, for matters of toughness it really does not need to be questioned again.

With the 40mm driver it uses, the sound response covers up to 15Hz - 20kHz, using Omnidirectional Mic technology embedded in this headset and a long plus thick USB cable and very super strong.

19. Elephant Dragonwar Beast
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Have you ever felt the headset is too small or just too big on the head? By buying Elephant Dragonwar Beast, you no longer need to experience this. Because the headset has a headband that can be stretched according to the size of your head. This headset also has an LED controller to adjust volume, vibration, mic, and power.

The combination of 40 mm and 5.1 channel drivers makes this headset capable of producing sound with a very deep bass effect. Footsteps when playing a kind of DOTA or Point Blank game so it sounds more real when you use Elephant Dragonwar Beast.

And the last one is the gaming headsets that the admin used and proved quite satisfying:

20. Rexus F65
Collection of the Best Cheap Gaming Headsets 2019

Don't like to use headphones when playing games? No problem, you can use these gaming special earphones. Razer Hammerhead Pro is an IEM type headset with a sleek design and lightweight. Despite its minimalist size, the Razer Hammerhead Pro is able to provide a powerful bass effect and excellent audio quality. This headset is compatible with PCs, laptops, iOS, and Android devices.
Rexus F65 is equipped with two types of connections, namely a single 3.5 mm jack for microphone and audio functions and a USB connector that is useful for power delivery so that the lights can be lit. The use of a single 3.5 mm jack aims to make it easier when connected to a cellphone so that it is suitable for playing mobile gaming. In the purchase package, a cable converter is also available to connect to the PC.
Enriched with volume control buttons and microphone that is combined with a cable making it easier for users to adjust the volume and turn on the microphone.
Rexus Vonix F65 uses PU synthetic leather earcup that is soft and can be easily removed. It is intended that the earcup can be replaced or cleaned regularly. The earcup material is waterproof so it can be cleaned using the smooth washing method.
Earpad types that exceed the ear provide a comfortable sensation when listening to music for a longer period of time.
Equipped with a microphone stick that can be folded up. By using this microphone, users can fold the microphone stick after being used so that it is not easily broken and ergonomic.

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