Xiaomi Will Release a Sun-Powered Smartphone

Xiaomi Will Release a Sun-Powered Smartphone - Chinese smartphone vendor Xiaomi will reportedly release a unique and innovative design smartphone.

Because Xiaomi has pocketed a smartphone design patent that has a solar panel on the rear body (a solar-powered smartphone).
Xiaomi Will Release a Sun-Powered Smartphone

Earlier in July last year, Xiaomi Mobile Software had submitted a patent application to WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for smartphones that have solar panel modules.

This patent covers several sketches of cellphone designs, which give an idea of ​​what needs to be expected if the smartphone is successful in entering the market.

Apart from that, the sketch shows that this smartphone has a screen without a notch. However, it is not clear where the front camera is placed.

In addition, there is no indication of a pop-up module for the front camera. It could be, Xiaomi instead chose to include on-screen camera technology for this device.

Can Instantly Charge Smartphone

Meanwhile, the rear body of the smartphone is equipped with a dual-camera module. The camera sensor is placed vertically and has an LED flashlight between the two sensors.

There is no fingerprint sensor on the back panel of the smartphone. This also confirms that the fingerprint sensor module is on the screen.

For your information, solar panels are a striking part of smartphones. Moreover, the module is placed on the body behind the smartphone.

Not Guaranteed to be produced

But what's unique is Xiaomi's solar panel is thinner than a camera module. With this integration, charging a smartphone can be done with solar energy.

There are several other companies that also explore ideas about solar-powered smartphones. Now Xiaomi has begun to go in that direction.

Unfortunately, so far, there is no information regarding the launch of this device. Apart from this patent, there is no guarantee that Xiaomi will actually produce this smartphone and sell it on the market.

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