10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets in 2019

JBL is one brand that relies on audio peripherals as its trademark. Plus in terms of bass sound quality that is so soft and intense, moreover, the price offered by each headset is quite cheap compared to other well-known brands.

If you're already curious, just go ahead with the 10 best JBL Bluetooth brand headsets 2019:

10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

  • JBL E55BT

10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

With a standard headset design by other JBL brand headsets. Of course, this headset uses fabric that covers every headband and earcup area. Moreover, this Bluetooth headset can last 20 hours during use.

Features that include this headset consist of Microphone, Multi-Point Connection, JBL Signature Sound and of course Bluetooth. Although standard, this headset has a very good sound output quality in terms of bass using a 50 mm over-ear driver. Overall, this JBL Bluetooth headset deserves to be taken into account.

  • JBL Everest 300 BT
    10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

Looks comfortable on the ear. Maybe, this will be a solution for those of you who are looking for comfort in listening to the sound. Of course, also, at a price that is by the convenience itself. With the superiority of 'comfort' material that is worth it.

The advantage of this one brand, of course, is its simple design with poor output sound quality. Of course, this headset is supported with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity which is believed to be able to bring the experience of using a wireless headset to the fullest.

This headset is also equipped with a 40mm on-ear driver. Although in terms of mini-calculated size, this headset can bring sound output that is so dynamic and also without the hassle of using cables. So it's more flexible, isn't it?

  • JBL TM-010S Headset Bluetooth
    10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

With a design that looks fragile in terms of external views only. But clad with a bass output sound quality that is so jarring in the ear. Equipped with Bluetooth 3.1 connectivity which, even though it is an old version, is quite satisfied in spending the right contents of the bag.

Features that complement this headset are also standard in the relatively cheap price. Where this headset has AUX cable, Micro SD, and JBL Pro Sound. Which of course is highly recommended.

  • JBL JB55 Headset Bluetooth
    10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

With a headset design that looks fierce, with the ability to output sound quality that is not kidding. Although the material used is leather in covering each headband and ear-cup. However, this headset is still very comfortable to use for a long time.

In addition to the relatively cheap price, of course, the features used in this headset are no less cheap with the price implanted. Although calculated standard, such as AUX cable, Micro SD and FM radio.

  • JBL E65 BTNC
    10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

With a simple design that is still inherent in this one brand. With a soft cloth material wrapped around each headband and PU Leather that coats the ear-cup. With the use of wireless / Bluetooth as the spearhead.

This headset is equipped with the Noise Canceling feature, Multi-Point Connection, Built-in Microphone, and JBL Signature Sound. Of course, this headset also has a Carrying Pouch for the purchase of each unit.

     10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

Headset connectivity in wireless devices, indeed a lot of progress that is loved by any headset brand. Because with wireless connectivity, making it an activity to use a headset feels simple. Like this JBL Tune brand.

By using elastic-plastic material on each headband and body. With the earcup itself covered with PU leather, which makes it sweat-proof and waterproof. This headset is also equipped with a 32mm on-ear driver.

The features in this headset include Micro USB Port, Noise Canceling, JBL Pure Bass Sound, Bluetooth, and Microphone. Of course, for the use of this battery too long. Because the battery uses a Polymer Li-ion Battery which is claimed to last for 12 hours.

  • JBL Live 650 BTNC
    10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

The next JBL Bluetooth headset for jogging is okay, especially in the matter of comfort for long-term use. This brand is always a very tempting thing for audiophiles of the world. Like this one JBL Live.

With a minimalist and luxurious design. This headset is also wrapped with PU leather material which coats the ear cushions. So do not be surprised if this headset is very soft to use and does not feel hot even if used for a long time.

The features presented by this headset include Bluetooth connectivity with version 4.2 which claimed to be able to provide more maximum coverage, 40mm sized drivers and noise-canceling that is useful for listening to audio sound clearer, even in noisy places.

  • JBL Duet BT
     10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

With a simple design, but elegant. Making this headset attracts many audiophiles to buy it. Moreover, this JBL Duet headset model is very flexible in terms of usage and easy to fold for travel.

The features of this headset include JBL Signature Sound. Bluetooth connectivity with relatively long usage, which is 16 hours and 40mm drivers. Although impressed simple, but the quality of the headset by carrying a Duet is fantastic in terms of sound.

  • JBL Everest Elite 750NC
    10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

Its name is inspired by the highest mountain in the world. Indeed the same amazement in terms of the quality of audio and sound it produces. Especially by carrying the word 'premium', making this headset is very high quality and unfortunately not to be missed.

With a design that uses plastic materials, but the elastic and PU leather on the ear-cup is so soft and smooth, even though at first glance the ear-cup looks hot. But it's not really true before you buy it.

Features presented in this headset include Bluetooth connectivity version 4.0 along with its Jack cable, Noise Canceling in capturing clearer audio sound even in crowded places and drivers switching 40mm over-ear.

  • JBL Wireless On-Ear Headphone T450BT
    10 Best JBL Bluetooth Headsets 2019

With the design that looks mini, it doesn't make the sound quality sound creepy, like the distortion that hits the ears. With a resilient body that looks frail, but resilient in any debris and elastic and, of course.

Moreover, the features of this headset include Bluetooth connectivity with a frequency range that includes 2.402GHz-2.48GHz, JBL Pure Bass Sound, Rechargeable battery, Microphone, Hand-free call, and 32mm, on-ear driver.

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