Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019

Who doesn't know the Sony brand? Most people would already know especially about the advantages in terms of the camera & speaker. There is no doubt that the goods manufactured by Sony must be quality goods and will not disappoint their consumers.

Although the drawbacks are certain Sony headsets are relatively more expensive than their competitors but comparable in quality. So you prefer cheap or quality? Please specify for yourself. If you use a headset from Sony you will be spoiled with clear sound and excellent bass.

Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019

But which Sony headset is the recommendation for us to buy it? Here is a list of the 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019 that can be recommendations for you to buy it. As a note to buy that suits your needs & your financial capabilities respectively.

10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019

  • Sony MDR-XB950N1 Extra Bass
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019

Bass is indeed something that complements audio, especially a headset. Wherewith the bass in the headset. Of course, providing a pleasure that complements the headset itself.

Sony MDR-XB950N1 Extra Bass, has a 40mm driver unit, Dome, with Bluetooth connectivity response with the use of batteries that are counted durable, reaching 22 hours of use. Of course, the model carried by this headset is Around-Ear.

The features of this headset include Noise Canceling, Extra Bass, with a sound convert frequency that includes 20Hz-20,000Hz and of course, this headset is optimal with any type of device. Such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones, laptops, and PC.

  • Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019
Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass, one of the earphones with a close dynamic model. Of course, this earphone is also supported by a 12mm Dome driver unit with a CCAW type. The color carried by this earphone also has many variants such as Black, White, Blue, and Yellow.

Features of this earphone include Neodymium magnet, Bass Duct, In-line long-distance and microphone for hands-free telephone calls. Of course, this earphone is also equipped with an Include Carrying Pouch.
  • Sony MDR-7506
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019
Sony MDR-7506, one of the headsets using synthetic leather and soft cloth that covers the earcup. Of course, this headset is also equipped with drivers that have a diameter of 50 mm.

Although this headset does not use Bluetooth connectivity like most headsets today. However, the superiority of sound quality that is owned by this headset also deserves to be thumbs up in terms of its bass that sounds soft to the ear.
  • Sony WH-H900N
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019
Sony WH-H900N, a wireless headset with LDAC Bluetooth connectivity that is able to transmit more data than other wireless headsets. With sound quality that is close to High-Resolution Audio.

This headset is equipped with Noise Canceling, using natural sound details with the latest DSEE HX engine support and headset batteries that can last for 28 hours during use.
  • Sony WH-1000XM2
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019
Sony WH-1000XM2, one of the headsets that have the flexibility to enjoy an audio quality with just one touch of a finger. Because this headset is equipped with Sense Engine technology which is widely used in high-class audio peripherals.

Of course, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity used in this headset can also last up to 30 hours. With Noise Canceling that can be optimized in atmospheric pressure, like being on a plane.
  • Sony WH-1000XM3
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019
Sony WH-1000XM3 has a sleeker and lighter design than the previous series. This headset is very comfortable to wear thanks to the softer earcups with thicker headband pads and more important than all, this headset has IPX-4 or waterproof.

This headset feature is equipped with 4 GB internal memory, which can hold audio files, and has a battery life for 6 hours. This headset is also compatible with NFC in fast and practical linking.
  • Sony WH-CH700N
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019
Sony WH-CH700N, a wireless headset that is very capable in all fields. Because this headset is able to optimize its users automatically in various places. Of course, this headset battery lasts for up to 35 hours during usage time.

The advantages of this headset include One Push AINC, Bluetooth connectivity supported by NFC, call settings that can be done simultaneously and this headset, too, is equipped with a 40mm driver unit.
  • Sony WH-CH500
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019
Sony WH-CH500, a Bluetooth connectivity headset that is supported by its qualified version, which is 4.2 and is supported by NFC. Supported circumaural models that look stylish and fashionable throughout the eye.

This headset is equipped with a visual assistant, such as Siri and Google Assistant. Of course, this headset is also equipped with Magnetic Ferrite, Aprox charger model and uses a 30mm driver unit.
  • Sony WF-SP700N
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019
Sony WF-SP700N, one of the earphones with a stylish design for users of outdoor activities. Of course, this earphone is also equipped with sweat-proof which is very waterproof and waterproof.

This earphone includes a 9 mm driver in the earbud, Noise Canceling which can muffle the surrounding sound but can still listen to the sound around you and flexibility in communication with just one touch.
  • Sony WI-1000X
    Top 10 Best Sony Headsets in 2019

Sony WI-1000X, earphone with a minimalist and fashionable design, which is equipped with Bluetooth NFC connectivity. Where this one earphone can air a device quickly, at the same time it can be used in different devices at the same time.

This earphone is equipped with a Sense Engine which is useful in managing audio that is only one touch. Equipped with Hybrid, S-Master HX, DSEE HX, and LDAC driver units. Of course, these earphones also come with Noise Canceling.

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